Does anyone know what the fuck this is?

This weird bump just showed up on her face, I never noticed it before. It’s hard like a bone, and it doesn’t hurt her when I touch it.

If this looks familiar to anyone, aspiring vets or whatever the hell, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Please don’t suggest going to the vet because I can’t afford that right now.

She’s about 12 years old and she’s never had any health problems. I’m worried about my pup :(

Any ideas?

06/06/13 at 8:05pm
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  2. a-cute-potsexual answered: are you sure it’s not a cyst or an inflamed lymph node?
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    My doggie has this on her side :/ Anyone know what it is?
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  10. why-i-am-a-vet-student answered: Please go to a vet! Don’t try any home remedies or try “squeeze it”. Explain your financial situation and they can accomodate
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  13. odiletaglioni answered: you must to go to the vet : / my dog has a bump too and was a tumor, is because the age : /!
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    Try searching google
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    If its not easily moveable….I’m sorry but the characteristics sound like cancer…has she been having fevers or been...
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  19. superkatswag answered: Thats a very pretty dog
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    I’m not a vet or anything, but it might be a cyst.
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  29. 1mysongsknowwhatyoudidinthedark answered: Its probably a cyst. My dog had one the size of a baseball on his side, he had to get surgery to get it out. Get it checked out.
  30. day-jah-stew answered: Could be cancer or a filled bump that can be drained. Just take her to a vet, they’ll know whats up.
  31. ravioliwings answered: I used to care for a horse that had something similar to what your dog has and the vet never showed any concern for it, so I believe it’s ok.
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