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anonbluepost said: To be fair, anti-feminism is just the opposition of feminism. Egalitarianism is the "other approach to (reasonably for a sexually dimorphic species) equal treatment."



Anonymous said: The feminism and anti-feminism post is bullshit. An anti-feminist is someone who values men over women, thinks there should NOT be equal rights for both genders and agrees with the wage gap in which men earn more. They view women negatively. Don't you dare even insinuate that a feminist should be civil with an anti-feminist, because they have every right not to be. I don't want to be civil with someone who sees me as powerless and less important because of my gender.

An anti-feminist is not someone who hates women you dumb shit. An anti-feminist is someone who is against feminism because they see it for the bullshit that it is - a hate movement. Anti-feminism is a different, more rational approach to equality and does so WITHOUT throwing men under the bus and WITHOUT victimizing women like feminists do. The wage gap doesn’t exist, it’s been disproved countless times and feminists still try to use it as ammo. Don’t try to dictate what something is when you clearly haven’t got the slightest clue.

The post went completely over your head (and thousands of other peoples) because you don’t know what anti-feminism OR what feminism is.

Have a nice day. I hope you learned something new.

Anonymous said: fuck you :) I hope making that post has taught you something about the importance of equal rights.

That post taught me that people are really ignorant to views that aren’t their own.

Also that a lot of people are unnecessarily rude.